Handmade-81//Vintage keeps finding me!//

Over the last few months, vintage patterns and fabrics keep finding their way to me…and I am not complaining! All sorts of generous folk keep asking, “Would you like these?” as they hand me boxes of patterns. Or I end up in obscure places where I find lengths of vintage fabric for 50c/piece!

The more I receive, the greater appreciation I have for these items from the past. I have taken to searching on the internet for images of vintage patterns…..some of the styles remind me of my mother’s clothes when I was a child, or dress my aunt used to wear, something I saw on Carol from the Brady Bunch…  These patterns somehow evoke emotions in all sorts of people and I love it that they are back in style and so highly sought after. I love the distinctive styles that speak so strongly of an era when clothes weren’t so cheap and weren’t mass produced. To get a new item of clothing was a treat!

I love this fabric gifted to me by a lady I randomly met in a store and I love the pattern given to me by my 82 year-old aunt. I have teamed them together to become a hip length top with long sleeves to wear with jeans. Yummo!!