Handmade-80Keeping Calm!

It’s been a couple of very busy weeks in lots of ways and now I have a few days to relax. Where do my thoughts turn to? Sewing, of course…guaranteed to put me back in my “happy place”.

I made this fabric applique last year just before I started Ministry of  Handmade. Onto a base of grey denim I added the text and image cut from calico. (I fixed these in place with Vliesofix, the wonderful double-sided bonding stuff!) The lettering was then edged by hand with stitching in off-white quilting thread. Last step was to add the detail on the sewing machine using red quilting thread.

The finished applique is framed with a recycled matt and frame that I bought for $5.00 from a second-hand shop. I painted the aluminium frame dark grey to set off the grey denim.

The finished artwork hangs in the studio. I often stop and read it and ponder on how calming I find sewing. What keeps you calm?