Handmade-75Vases in a field

My beautiful daughter-in-law, Mary, and my son, Dave, knew exactly how they wanted their wedding to feel. They were married in a field, by a river, on a lovely flat piece of ground surrounded by horse paddocks. They were blessed with a lovely warm and still autumn day last May.

The path Mary followed from the wedding car to the area where they were married was marked with a series of these very simple floral arrangements made by my daughter, Lauren.

The process was very easy:

  1. take a garden stake and make a small notch in the back with a saw
  2. secure a glass jar to the stake using a piece of wire
  3. decorate the jar with ribbon
  4. add water and flowers
  5. hammer the stake into the ground

The effect was stunning….so perfect, yet so easy to accomplish. This idea could easily be duplicated for a garden party, a birthday celebration, or any other time you want to add a touch of whimsy!