Handmade-72“B” is for 17 lovely recycled buttons

The 17 x  30mm wide buttons in this photo are an Op Shop find. They were attached to a jacket that I didn’t particularly like but they were whispering to me to take them home. Well not whispering, they were calling out!

Sometime down the track, I can see them on a winter skirt or a jacket or a bag.

Buttons can be a defining element on a garment. They can add class, style, fun or a sense of whimsy! I am sometimes surprised at how much they cost though. This cache, purchased new, would probably have cost enough to feed lunch to a whole village of small children.

So ..when out and about, if you like Op Shops, look for buttons, buckles, catches, clasps……. They can easily be re-purposed to add an edge to what you create!