Handmade-70Honoured pastimes

Meet my great grandmother Mary Ann Jeays. And four of her seven surviving children – Albert, Arthur, Edith and Florence. We think this photo was taken in the early 1900s in Brisbane.

While it is stiff and formal I think it tells so many stories. I particularly love that Florence (after whom my mother was named) is holding some embroidery. Whether it is a studio prop (heaven forbid) or her own handiwork that she took along with her, the fact that it is even in the photo would show what high regard these pastimes were held in. Every self respecting young lady would surely have counted embroidery as one of their skills. Needlework would have been taught not just as a valuable life skill but also as a leisure activity.

I have only just taken embroidery up again and find it so enjoyable. Let’s keep these heritage arts alive!

PS…love that the cricket bat made it into the photo too!  Plus the dogs!!