Handmade-54Sorting & Storing

Does anyone else have lots of odds and ends of wool like me? Today I started sorting them into colour groups and thought how nice it would be to have some some containers to store and display them. So I made this hessian and fabric basket. Much nicer than the plastic storage tub I had been using!

Although it is still hot here in Brisbane, summer will be ending soon so I am planning ahead for some knitting workshops.

The basket was easy to make. I used recycled hessian from Dave and Mary’s wedding aisle (we have 12m of it!!). I applied iron-on interfacing to one side of the hessian, then cut a circle for the base and a large rectangle for the sides. I then cut exactly the same from the cotton print, joined them together, turned it through and then folded down the cuff! Done!!

I have lots more wool so I guess more baskets are on the agenda.