Handmade-53Once upon a time…

in 1859 to be exact, a clever man built Old Government House in Brisbane using sandstone from his own quarry at Helidon. He was an architect, builder, businessman and statesman. He was also my great-great-grandfather. Joshua Jeays had a huge impact on the early life of Brisbane. So much so, that he has been inducted into QUT’s Builders’ Hall of Fame.

In 2009, using funds from a Queensland Government grant to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding Queensland, I was involved in a family project… to publish a book commemorating the life of Joshua. A group of cousins co-ordinated a researcher and editor to produce the text for the book. The rest of the research we did ourselves sourcing photos, maps, drawings and sketches from many sources.

Maurice and I were then responsible for designing the layout of the book and producing the print ready artwork for the printer. The book was published in December 2009. The Jeays family were thrilled to be allowed to hold the book launch at Old Government House which had just undergone a multi-million dollar renovation. Restored to its original glory, it is a spectacular building and undoubtedly one of Joshua’s finest works! Visit if you can sometime…the craftsmanship is amazing.

Just a tad proud of my creative heritage!