Handmade-48Gifting Handmade…mmm!

There is something about giving handmade as gifts to family and friends that makes me very happy!  I know lots of others feel the same way!!

I made this toiletry bag this week for my lovely friend, Julia, as a birthday gift. I added a jar of hand cream and a handmade card and the gift was complete.

How many friends and family do you give gifts to throughout the year? Make a list and get organised – get crafting and have handmade presents ready to give!

This little lined bag is a workshop project coming up soon at Ministry of  Handmade. Just look for the Handy Zipper Pouch Workshop. This project is so versatile and very handy. It can be toiletry bag, pencil case, crocheting bag… It can be lengthened or shortened according to what you need.