Handmade-47Machine sewing debut!

I spent the morning with these two little lovelies aged 8 and 9. Our goal – make 2.4m of  bunting each for their bedrooms. Neither of them had used a sewing machine before….just  a bit of basic sewing with a needle and thread.

These girls selected their fabrics, cut the flags, pinned them into the header tape, tacked the lot and then stitched the full length of the tape on the machine to secure the flags.

I was impressed with their concentration, their eagerness to learn and the interesting questions they asked about sewing! They were a delight to work with! They went home with some awesome bunting but learnt some great skills while they were here.

While they were at the Ministry of Handmade, we visited the garden, fed the chooks and collected the eggs. There are two more childrens’ workshops before school goes back. Check the website for details.