Handmade-38Ready for a speedy get-away!

I have been enjoying a creative Sunday afternoon working on a prototype for a new sewing workshop. I have wanted to experiment with an easy purse design for a while and today was the day.

Using red faux leather (vinyl) and some retro Vespa fabric, I played with a design for a purse for that quick dash to the shops when all you need is your phone, credit card and car keys. Experimenting is always fun and there was a bit of un-picking and resizing happening along the way. I discovered that you can use double-sided tape to hold the zip in place while stitching. (I didn’t want to tack or pin because I wasn’t sure about leaving marks in the vinyl.)

Now that I am happy with the size and shape, I shall make another one but include lining to make it extra nice, use lightweight interfacing on the vinyl to give it a bit more body and replace the zip with a metal one. Then all I need to do is make a pattern and instruction sheet and….bam…..a new workshop project. I shall add the workshop details to the website in the next few days.