Verandah“I can build that for you, darling!”

Our wonderful verandah has been the setting for many celebrations over the years – sundry birthday parties (including 3 x 18th and 3 x 21st), school break-ups, Christmas lunches, engagement parties, bridal showers…   This year we will host two family Christmas events on the verandah…memories are made of this!!

Thanks to my creative and ever so handy “I can build that for you, darling” husband, we have some distinctive custom-built furniture on our verandah that helps make this space feel like an outdoor room. This built-in cupboard and its matching friend on the other side of the sliding doors are great for storing all sorts of verandah paraphenalia including dog towels, mosquito coils, candles, the recycling crate, excess supplies of party glasses and insect repellent.

The cupboards are also great during big events for setting up a bar, displaying food or acting as a repository for gifts!