StYarn bomb starep by step – Yarn Bomb Star

Well, here we go…my first step by step, how to make something blog post!

In keeping with the season, it is a Christmas star….wrapped in yarn goodness! I love the concept of yarn bombing….wrapping an item in yarn or thread of some kind. The finished look is great and I have decided to keep working on these throughout the year to build a collection by next Christmas. It will make a nice “while I am watching TV” project….I find it hard to sit still and do nothing!!!

Step 1

Collect some twigs that are fairly straight and about the same thickness. Cut five pieces to the same length. Mine were 140mm long. You could make them any length you like but the longer they are, the thicker they should be to maintain the strength.

Step 2

Lay them out in the shape of a star as below. Just a clue for getting the shape right……the star should look the same no matter what side you look at it from. Keep adjusting the sticks until the shape is even.

Step 3

Use just a dab of glue from a hot glue gun to secure the places where the sticks overlap. I started with the two sticks on the bottom and worked my way to the top layer.

Step 4

Use some thread to tie off the joints securely as the glue may not hold the joints when you are working with the assembled star.

Step 5

Collect together the thread or yarn that you are going to use to wind around the sticks. I used stranded embroidery cotton. Wool would work just as well, or string.

Step 6

Select a colour and start winding the thread/yarn around one of the sticks. Catch the end of the thread under the first few rotations to hold it in place. When I was finished with a colour, I used a needle to pass the thread back under itself to hold the finished end in place.

Step 7

Continue colour by colour, in whatever arrangement suits you. I went for a fairly random look…there was no pattern or style in mind.

Step 8

The finished product. Just attach some string or ribbon and it is ready to hang!