Pudding florinChild finds $26.00 in the Christmas Pudding

Today I made the Christmas pudding using my Grandmother’s recipe…..and the memories of instant wealth flooded back!!

Remember coins in the pudding, when our coins had enough silver in them to withstand being cooked without affecting the food. My Grandfather, a manufacturing jeweller, had collected and kept lots of pre-decimal currency, specifically for the silver content. Every Christmas, he gave some to my Grandma for the pudding…and I don’t mean just threepences and sixpences…..there were shillings (10c) and florins (20c) in the mix as well!!

By my reckoning, in the late 1970s, a florin was worth about $13.00 in today’s terms, so to find two of these in your share of the pudding was like winning the lotto for a child!!! Second helpings…yes, please!!