//My most epic sewing project ever//

The conversation went like this:

Dave (my son): Mary and I want to get married in a field.

Me: Sure, sounds lovely.

Dave: We would like to get married in a marquee in a field.

Me: Great!

Dave: Let’s make the marquee ourselves.

Me: Sure………!!!

Well, we did and here it is. All 12m x 8m of it – designed to seat over 100 guests. Rolls of calico, 250m of sisal rope and 12 saplings!

Dave and I made it together on my Bernina sewing machine over a few weeks. It was a bit difficult to manage, feeding all that fabric through the machine.

But it was worth the effort! Dave and Mary were blessed with a clear warm May afternoon last year. The marquee looked spectacular as the guests arrived. It was a beautiful day….everything they had wished for and everything they deserved!

The beautiful pics are by photographer, Julian Beattie.