Well, although my new business has been operating for 10 weeks, I have been into handmade  for as long as I can remember!

Some wonderful people have crossed my path since I started Ministry of Handmade and I have discovered that my love of handmade is shared by many others. Indeed it is almost like an epidemic that is sweeping our nation.

This has got me thinking about the joy that creating handmade brings to our lives.

So…..I have decided to celebrate 100 Days of Handmade. Every day for 100 days I will share something handmade from my life. It might be something that Maurice or I (or both of us) have created; every now and then I might throw in something one of my three offspring has made!

Enjoy!Day 1 Handmade

100 Days of Handmade//DAY 1//

This pic was taken at my daughter’s wedding in May last year in our handmade photo booth. It is of my two sons, James and Dave, and my daughter, Lauren.

Handmade happiness:

  • Colourful backdrop made from strips of taffeta (themed to match the autumn tones of the bridesmaids dresses)
  • Speech bubble chalk board used to write crazy photo booth messages all night!
  • Lauren’s beaded lace top
  • Dave made his own tie!

Until tomorrow!